Stories from Afield

Adventures with Wild Things in Wild Places


Stories from AfieldUniversity of Nebraska Press, Bison Books
ISBN: 978-0-8032-28816-4

Paperback: 222 pages, $18.95
Published October 1, 2016


These are the experiences of a naturalist, sportsman, and wildlife biologist who’s had the good fortune to spend years and tromp countless miles in truly wild lands.  Though they span several decades and three continents, the stories share a common thread: the wonder of wild nature and the necessity of safe-guarding it.


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Plenty of wildness remains on this civilized and domesticated continent, and Bruce Smith has seen more than his share.  These are stories to be read by the fire at the close of a winter day.  —Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and author of Long Distance


Stories from Afield is a stirring, informative, and at times gripping tale of biologist Bruce Smith’s love affair with the fauna of the Rocky Mountains as well as an impassioned reminder for all of us to become more proactive in protecting the Earth’s natural landscapes.  —Ted Kerasote, author of Merle’s Door and Bloodties


Bruce Smith is a great storyteller. Here he once again demonstrates the powerful insights he commands as a wildlife biologist and his skill as an outdoor writer. This is a book of sweet, deeply personal tales. Savor them. —Todd Wilkinson, environmental journalist and author of Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek


Reflective thoughts and vibrant specifics bring a nature biologist’s love of the outdoors to readers. —Kirkus

 Wyoming Public Radio Interview  8-22-2017


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