Excerpts from a review by Dr. Larry Irwin in the Wildlife Society Bulletin (2005, volume 34: 899-901), a quarterly journal of The Wildlife Society, a professional society with membership of 9,000.

“This book presents a compelling history of vegetation changes at the 10,000-hectare National Elk Refuge …”

“The book is nicely organized into several sections, beginning with descriptions of purposes, followed by summaries of the study area, early human and elk histories of Jackson Hole, and recent population levels.”

“Historical accounts like this one go a long way in informing the public policy makers about where we have been and suggesting ecologically sound pathways toward the future.”

“In summary, the book is recommended reading because it carefully describes some important ecological aspects of a classic paradox in wildlife management that has vexed natural resource managers, policy makers, and the public for over 50 years.”