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      Life on the Rocks: A Portrait of the American Mountain Goat


smith  is for anyone interested in:

   •  The natural history and behavior of mountain

       goats in the U.S. and Canada

  •    •  Mountain wildland beauty and recreation

  •    •  Conservation of mountain goats and other

  •        life forms in alpine ecosystems


Of North America’s large NOBAWin150mammals, there is one that lives higher, steeper, and more remote than any other.  Perhaps the greatest mountaineer the peaks have ever known, America’s mountain goat is the subject of my latest book.  In a large, hard cover format are dozens of color photographs of my favorite mammal and other unique animals and panoramas of the West’s alpine zone.  These images are accompanied by a readable narrative describing our mountain goat, an evolutionary novelty that roams the high country of the Rockies, Cascades, and Coast ranges of North America.  In addition to a natural history primer, interwoven with many personal stories from my 15 years of photographing and studying this shaggy cliff-walker, the book explains the conservation challenges facing the mountain goat and other alpine species. 



About the book, wildlife biologist and author of A Beast the Color of Winter and The Wolverine Way Douglas Chadwick writes:

“What’s it really like to be a mountain goat, living higher and steeper year-round than any other large mammal in North America?  How do you go about studying herds in cliffy terrain where a snowslide or single misstep can suddenly end it all?  And what does a warming climate hold in store for shaggy wild climbers shaped by the extreme cold and deep snows found among the peaks?  Bruce Smith’s blend of natural history, wildlife management, and tales of personal adventure is a delightful source of answers.” 

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