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​      Join me on my adventures in wilderness areas and national parks of the Rocky Mountains, a South African temperate forest, and Vietnam’s jungles.  Drawn from decades of encounters with wildlife, and close calls with lightning and avalanches, this book's 16 essays range from humorous to harrowing. 
     These stories recount capturing newborn elk calves, stalking mountain goats on icy cliffs, being stranded on a mountain after riding out a helicopter crash, confrontations with bears during my research, plus quirky and edifying hunting tales and a back-country horse story or two.  Throughout these adventures, the magnetism and danger of wild nature are ever present, reminding us that our fascination with wildness often stems from its unpredictability.

What others are saying about Stories from Afield:

"Plenty of wildness remains on this civilized and domesticated continent, and Bruce Smith has seen more than his share.  These are stories to be read by the fire at the close of a winter day." —Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and author of Long Distance

"Stories From Afield is more than one man’s memoir of a life spent in service to America’s rich wild heritage; in sharing the joy, wonder, humor, and dangers of being immersed in wilderness, Smith introduces audiences to a primordial, pristine, and rapidly vanishing world, with a reminder that its future is in our hands." —Kristine Morris, Foreword Reviews


Awards Received for Stories from Afield

  • Great Northwest Book Festival Award: Winner of Nonfiction Nature category 2017
  • Western Writers of America Spur Awards: Finalist for Best Contemporary Nonfiction 2017

Stories from Afield:
Adventures with Wild Things in Wild Places

Stories Cover.jpg
is for anyone interested in:
  • Outdoor adventures in some of the West's great wildlands
  • The magnetism, danger, and unpredictability of wild nature
  • Conservation of wildlife and wildlands
University of Nebraska Press, Bison Books
Paperback Published 2016, 222 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8032-8816-4
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