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     Imperfect Pasture examines the complex relationships among elk, fire, vegetation, geology, politics, wildlife, and human activity.  Beginning with an historical reconstruction of plant community conditions on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming, following Euro-American settlement, Imperfect Pasture documents subsequent changes in vegetation and explores when and why those changes occurred.  The book includes a series of historic photographs and comparisons with an altered landscape almost a century later and describes the consequent shifts in wildlife communities.
       What others are saying about Imperfect Pasture:

"Imperfect Pasture is a fascinating look, through words and photos, at one of the nation's most beloved wildlife refuges."  — Ted Kerasote, author of Out There: In the Wild in a Wired Age

"Disturbingly enlightening…A must read for anyone concerned with the future of the Jackson elk herd or the National Elk Refuge." — Steve Cain, senior wildlife biologist, Grand Teton National Park


"An easy-to-read book that will be of interest to biologists, land managers, conservationists, historians, and anyone who wants to learn more about elk and the remarkable refuge where they winter in Jackson Hole." — Peyton Curlee Griffin, President, Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative

Imperfect Pasture:
A Century of Change at the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Z Imperfect Pasture cover
is for anyone interested in:
  • Ecological changes in plant communities
  • Photographic records of landscape changes
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • History of our federal conservation lands and the difficulty in changing ingrained policy positions
Grand Teton Natural History Association
Paperback Published 2004, 156 pages
ISBN: 0-931895-58-8
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