In this second book in the Legend Keepers series, Buddy, Oreo, Roark and others from The Chosen One return, but twelve-year-old Garson Strangewalker, and other characters from the human world, raise the stakes of the adventure. 
     His determination and the help of friends and family serve Garson well in taking on the climate crisis.
Hidden Shelf Publishing House
Published 2022 in hardcover and paperback, 217 pages
ISBN: 978-1-955893-07-7

     Twelve-year-old Garson doesn’t fit in a school. He’s in a new community, hasn’t made friends, and his father's gone missing in Afghanistan. Each day’s a struggle until a simple question he asks at the spring science fair sparks an interest in glaciers. He reads about them but can’t get enough.

     For his sixth-grade science project he climbs to the Shining Mountain glacier in the wilderness not far from his home. A chance encounter with Buddy, a remarkable kid mountain goat, changes everything as these two kids’ lives become entwined. Their shared alarm over the Great Warming’s threat to the glacier, and to Buddy’s mountaintop home, transforms an insecure boy into a tenacious environmental advocate.

     Sometimes it takes a partnership to bring out the best in us.

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Legend Keepers:
The Partnership

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