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Change a comin’

To all of you who’ve subscribed to Bruce’s Blog but have not received email notifications of new posts in recent months, I’m deeply sorry. I only discovered the problem earlier this month after asking a couple of subscribers for their reaction to recent posts. “Posts, what posts?” they said. There’s no feature in WordPress that informs me that email notifications are not being delivered to subscribers.

Because of ongoing problems with the platform I use, I’ve decided to migrate to another platform. That will require rebuilding my website and blog, which will take some time. So it’ll be a while before I’m up and blogging again. But I’ll be back!

Hopefully, I won’t need to do this ever again!

Some of you have continued to receive my posts in recent months. For you, I’ll follow this message with a couple of pieces I’ve written but not published yet while my technical guru and I have worked to remedy the notification problem. All my past blog postings about Covid-19 and wildlife reservoirs, chronic wasting disease, mountain goats, my upcoming novel, etc. will remain on Bruce’s Blog. The most recent post is listed first in order.


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