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Landmark Climate Case

This event is of such importance I had to write a blog post about it.

On June 12th in Helena, Montana, a historic court case will commence. The lawsuit--three years in the making--alleges Montana state government knowingly contributes to climate change by approving policies and projects that promote a fossil-fuel based energy economy, violating citizens’ constitutional right to ‘a clean and healthful environment.' The plaintiffs in Held vs. State of Montana are 16 Montana youths represented by Our Childrens Trust.

Rikki Held of Broadus, now aged 22, was the only plaintiff of legal standing age when the suit was first filed in March 2020. Again, we see that the world's youth are leading the way on the climate issue in the absence of timely and sufficient action by adults. With most of their lives ahead of them, young people know they'll suffer the growing consequences of climate change for decades.

This Montana Free Press article summarizes the legal action.


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