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Legend Keepers receives awards

It’s been 5 months since my debut novel, Legend Keepers: The Chosen One, was released. As a writer who had never published fiction before, I didn’t know how it would be received. My publisher and I entered the book in several regional and national award competitions. Blowing my socks off, I learned this week that Feathered Quill Book Awards honored Legend Keepers with silver medals in both competition categories in which it was entered: Young Readers and Animal Stories for Children and Young Adults. Hopefully, this recognition will get the book into the hands of more readers. That, of course, is how its environmental message is spread as Buddy and the other characters take you to the high peaks of western North America. So far so good!

And more good news. Next week I sign a publication contract for the second book in the series, Legend Keepers: The Partnership. It’s on a fast track to be on bookshelves and online bookseller sites this fall. I’m very excited about this story in which twelve-year-old Garson’s love of science leads to a chance encounter with Buddy at the Shining Mountain Glacier. From there, the animal and human worlds become intertwined. Their common personal struggles and shared alarm over the changing alpine environment bonds these two protagonists in a story that transcends species’ barriers.

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